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Everyones theories, numbered in order that i recieve them. If you wish to prove/disprove, please start from the top theories.

Theory of multiple special infected - Cake {Legendary}

The idea is based around losing control of the tank, and the hope that the AI doesn't kill itself in the process.
When you find out your going tank, put your current special infected as far away as possible. Once tank, run away and lose control of tank. The next person who gets the tank should try and do the same thing with there current special infected and put it as far away as possible (the idea of putting the special infected as far away is so they dont run in and attack the survivors, and then get shot and killed). Once more stay away from survivors as the tank, until you once again lose control. There should now be 2 AI controlled special infected, and 1 AI controlled Tank. The two people who went tank and lost control should now be controlling 2 new special infected, and the 2 people who were always controlling special infected should still be there. Thus we have 6 special infected and 1 tank.

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!

We are here to make theories about ways of playing games (mainly tf2, l4d + hl)